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Newhall Labs


When consumers think about brands like La Bella, LA Looks and Thicker Fuller Hair (if they think of them at all), it’s rarely about ways to better connect. While consumers may feel nostalgic about these brands or just for the hair they used to have, the connection wasn’t strong enough to drive sales. With a goal of reversing this trend and reconnecting fans to their broad portfolio of companies, Newhall Labs came to us to create their first ever social pages.

Our Solution:

Concentrating on three of Newhall Labs’ biggest brands, La Bella, La Looks and Thicker Fuller Hair, we knew that consumers needed modern brand stories they could be passionate about. For La Bella, we looked to the brand’s Hispanic heritage with posts, videos and social promotions that any belleza could love. LA Looks, on the other hand, was a bit more like Emilio Estevez, wildly popular in the 80’s but virtually unknown to today’s consumers. To update the brand, we developed a modern story that tied back to its glamorous Hollywood history. Through promotions, including our famous model search, we positioned the brand as a modern style leader, perfect for any millennial. To better position Thicker Fuller Hair, we turned a common problem into a source of inspiration. By focusing on people’s ability to combat thinning hair rather than suffer from it, we made the page a highly shareable source of knowledge and motivation for their social fans.